I’m sorry, but I don’t think my salvation is based on whether or not I like your picture. Jesus died for me because He loves me, not because 2,000 years in the future I would like your picture.

God first. Everything else second.


I was listening to a song earlier today by Sidewalk Prophets; it was called “Save My Life.” Basically, the whole thing is talking about how God might be calling you right now to speak into me and let me know that I am loved by God, and in doing that, “you might just save my life.” When I was thinking about this, I realized how incredible it actually is. What if we all lived in a way where we treated each person as if they were suicidal. Just take a second to think about. When someone is suicidal, we tell them how loved they are, how they have so much to live for, what they mean to us. And what is the definition of suicidal? Is it someone that is willing to sacrifice their own life, someone who wants to be dead, someone who doesn’t care to live? Because if that is the case, aren’t we living with billions of suicidal people all the time? According to the Bible, we are dead until we accept Christ into our lives. Living is putting this world behind us and choosing Jesus. So, with that in mind, all these people that don’t know Jesus are dead. They are choosing not to live, they are suicidal. Why don’t we treat these people as carefully as when they are on a building about to jump? Why don’t we call the police? Why don’t we act as drastically when someone is giving up their soul as when someone is giving up their body? We need to step up to save the people in our communities. We need to show them how Christ loves them, we need to show them what amazing things come with living in Jesus, we need to let them know what the salvation of their souls means to us. We need to stop soul-suicide.

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Preach don’t pressure!

TGIF: Today God is First!

proverbs31v25 said: Just wanted to say I love your posts! Thanks for putting time into making a tumblr that inspires people to carry on fighting the good fight of the faith, you'll be in my prayers x

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- When someone dies everyone says nice things about them, and that’s great, but honestly in heaven they don’t need to hear nice things. We should go out of our way to say these things when they are still with us because we don’t k ow how long we will have the chance!

One of the biggest mistakes we can make is assuming the length of a person’s life based on outward appearances. - Glen Caneel